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The process of recruitment actually refers to the process of attracting, vetting and screening prospective candidates for a specific job, as well as selecting the best candidate for the job. At a very strategic level you will find that it might actually involve the employer brand’s development which will then include an employee offering.

These stages of the actual recruitment process that Durban Recruitment Agencies follow will then include a proper job analysis which will develop the candidate specification, the sourcing of new candidates by advertising, networking and a myriad of other search methods and the actual matching of the candidates to the various job requirements. It will also include the screening of candidates by using means such as the personality and skills assessment and the assessment of various candidates’ motivations. They will also be able to test the candidate’s motivations and judge the fit of the candidate to the organisation by including the requirements in the interviewing and other assessment techniques.

The recruitment process will then conclude where the employer will make a final job offer to the candidate and the onboarding and induction of the new employees. The recruitment industry is a huge industry right across the world. These professional recruiters specialise in placing the correct employees with the correct employers. To this end the recruiters will then proceed to make use of various tools at their disposal to help their customers find the
very best human resource talent available to them on the market.

Many times these recruiters will also act as head hunters who will approach employees already employed in a similar role at a competing company to join their clients’ firms. This is especially true for exceptionally competitive industries where there is a shortage of qualified candidates for the position.

There are various ways Durban Recruitment Agencies can go about finding these qualified candidates for their customers. This includes making use of the World Wide Web, networking, advertising and hobnobbing with the various key industry players to expose them to the very best that the industry has to offer. Call Durban Recruitment Agencies for a FREE quote